Color: Set1
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Product Information:
Brand name: Bilis
Product category: bowl, plate, plate set
Material: porcelain
Applicable to: the public
Pattern: Others
Style: Japanese
Applicable occasion of giving gifts: festivals/anniversaries
Patented or not: none
Color: 4 containers (7 inch bowl),7 inch bowl *4+ curved hook spoon *4,4 containers (6 inch bowl),6 inch bowl *4+ curved hook spoon *4,4 containers (5 inch bowl),5 inch bowl *4+ small spoon *4,4 containers (7.5 inch bowl),4 containers (5 inch bowl), please contact customer service if you need help
Is it a gift? Yes, a personal gift
Applicable to the relationship of gifts: children
For the holiday: the full moon
Dish top diameter: 7 inches

Tea tableware technology: underglaze color

Set1: Four seven-inch bowls
Set2:7 inch noodle bowl *4+ curved hook spoon *4
Set3: Packs of 4 (6-inch bowl)
Set4:6 inch noodle bowl *4+ curved hook spoon *4
Set5:4 PCS (5-inch rice bowl)
Set6:5 inch bowl *4+ small tablespoon *4
Set7:4-pack (7.5-inch flared bowl)
Set8:4-pack (5-inch speaker bowl >

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