Cookie Sheets Non-stick Baking Sheet Set With Non-stick Jelly Roll Pan; Rack; Cookie Scoop; Spatula

Description: Cookie Sheets
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Nonstick cookie baking sheet with rack will be your go-to for all your baking gadgets, from baking batches of cookies to making sheet pan dinners, we've put together everything you could possibly need

The commercial grade restaurant quality non-stick baking pan is oven safe up to 446°F(230°C). Safe for kitchen ovens, countertop convection ovens, toaster oven. This cookie rack is not dishwasher safe and it is recommended that you clean using a soft sponge or kitchen brush to remove food particles.

This cooling cookie tray features a steel cross wire design and raised feet, which elevates cookies, breads, cakes, and scones into a raised position that serves to promote Uniform cooling among your baked items. The nonstick coating on the rack surface also means that your cookies will be left with crispy bottoms that remain intact.

The small cookie scoop is 1.6 inch diameter, its capacity is 0.8 oz. With ice cream scoop stainless steel, we would use it to make beautifully rounded balls of ice cream, sorbet, fruit, and meatballs, melon ball

Flexible and soft spatula head is good to flip, stir, scrape and fold the most kinds of food without scratching your coated cookware,smooth edges especially suitable for non-stick pan


Non-stick Baking Sheets With Rack: The non-stick sheet pan is made from sturdy carbon steel to give the best heat transfer so your baked goods rise and bake evenly. Due to the carbon steel construction; the sheet pans for baking is dishwasher safe and is very easy to hand wash.


Baking & Cooling Rack: The cooling rack made from cold-rolled steel with no coatings or treatments.

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