Crystal Velvet Thicken Quilted Mattress Cover

Color: Bean Red
Size: 2 Pillowcase 48x74cm
Ships From: CHINA
Sale price$27.99



Crystal Velvet Thicken Quilted Mattress Cover Warm Soft Plush Queen King Quilted Bed Fitted Sheet Not Including Pillowcase

Package include:

1pc quilted fitted sheet(not including pillowcase, if you also need the pillowcase, please also purchase it.)

Suit for Mattress Height 16-27cm



pillowcase size: 48x74cm

Transform your sleep sanctuary into a haven of comfort with our Crystal Velvet Thicken Quilted Mattress Cover. This luxurious and practical addition to your bedding not only enhances the overall look of your mattress but also provides an extra layer of plushness for a restful night's sleep.

Key Features:

Premium Crystal Velvet Fabric: Crafted from high-quality crystal velvet, our mattress cover offers a sumptuously soft and smooth touch. The velvet fabric adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your bed, creating a cozy environment for a peaceful night's sleep.

Thickened Quilting for Extra Comfort: The quilted design with extra padding enhances the overall thickness of the mattress cover. This feature not only adds a layer of comfort but also provides a subtle cushioning effect, ensuring a restful and supportive sleep experience.

All-Around Elasticized Skirt: The mattress cover is designed with an all-around elasticized skirt, ensuring a secure and snug fit on your mattress. This feature prevents the cover from shifting or bunching, maintaining a neat and tailored appearance.

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