Cute Pet Hanging Beds

Color: Without Box
Sale price$48.99



Wooden Board: Choose a sturdy and appropriately sized board. Ensure it's strong enough to support your pet's weight.

Fabric or Cushion: Pick a soft and comfortable fabric or cushion for the bed. This will serve as the sleeping surface for your pet.

Rope or Chain: Use strong and durable rope or chain to suspend the bed. Make sure it can bear the weight of your pet.

Screws and Hooks: To secure the ropes or chains to the board.

Drill and Screwdriver: For making holes in the board and attaching screws.

Paint or Stain (optional): To add a touch of color and protect the wood.

Item Type: Beds

Is Smart Device: No

Material: Oxford Fabric

Type: cats

Feature: Breathable

Choice: yes

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