Dinnerware Hotel Vintage Underglaze Color Disc

style: Shallow pan
Size: 8inch
Sale price$11.00


Product information:
Material: porcelain
Pattern: solid color
Shape: round
Surface technology: underglaze color
Color: 8-inch A945-223 shallow tray 20 * 20 * 2.5, 9-inch A946-223 shallow tray 23 * 23 * 2.5, 10 inch A947-223 shallow tray 25.5 * 25.5 * 2.5, 12 inch A948-223 shallow tray 30 * 30 * 28
Applicable festivals: Christmas, birthday, blessing, friendship, Spring Festival, Father's Day, other festivals, Qixi, party, Easter, New Year, Army Day, Christmas decoration, holiday general
Style type: simple style

Packing list:
Plate * 1

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