Big Dog raincoat

Color: Four-leg Belly - spliced grey red (with hat and traction hole)
Size: No. 26 (about 50-58 catties) depending on the size
Sale price$29.99


A big dog raincoat is a protective garment designed to keep larger dogs dry during rainy or wet weather conditions. These raincoats are typically made from waterproof or water-resistant materials and are sized to accommodate the larger breeds. Here's a short description:

Big Dog Raincoat Features:

  1. Size and Fit:

    • Specifically designed for larger dog breeds, these raincoats come in sizes that provide adequate coverage without restricting the dog's movement.
  2. Waterproof Material:

    • Made from waterproof or water-resistant materials to protect the dog from getting wet during rain showers. Common materials include polyester or nylon with a waterproof coating.
  3. Hood or Collar:

    • Some raincoats come with a hood or a high collar to provide extra protection for the dog's head and neck, keeping these areas dry.
  4. Adjustable Straps or Fasteners:

    • Many raincoats feature adjustable straps or fasteners to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. This is especially important for larger dogs with diverse body shapes.
  5. Reflective Elements:

    • For safety during low-light conditions, some raincoats have reflective strips or elements. This enhances visibility, making it easier for both the dog and the owner to be seen.
  6. Ventilation:

    • To prevent overheating, some raincoats have ventilation features such as mesh panels or breathable materials. This is particularly important for larger dogs that may generate more body heat.
  7. Easy to Put On and Take Off:

    • Designed for convenience, these raincoats are typically easy to put on and take off, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both the dog and the owner.
  8. Durability:

    • Constructed with durability in mind, big dog raincoats are made to withstand outdoor conditions and the activity level of larger breeds.
  9. Foldable and Portable:

    • Some raincoats are designed to be foldable and portable, making them easy to carry and store when not in use.

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