Explosion-proof Yoga Core Ball

Color: Blue
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An Explosion-proof Yoga Core Ball is a specialized type of exercise ball designed with safety in mind. These balls are commonly used in yoga, Pilates, and other fitness routines, offering an added layer of safety due to their explosion-proof or anti-burst properties. Here's a brief overview of its features and benefits:

  1. Material and Construction: The core of these balls is made from high-quality, anti-burst PVC material. This construction is designed to prevent the ball from bursting or rapidly deflating if punctured, reducing the risk of injury during use.

  2. Anti-Burst Design: The term "explosion-proof" or "anti-burst" indicates that the ball is engineered to deflate slowly and safely if it is accidentally punctured. This feature provides a level of protection, especially important during exercises where the ball is supporting body weight.

  3. Size Options: Like traditional exercise balls, explosion-proof yoga core balls come in various sizes, allowing users to choose the size that best fits their body and exercise needs. Common sizes range from 55 cm to 75 cm in diameter.

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