Gibson General Store Addlestone 3 Piece Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set

Material: Cast Iron
Sale price$46.73



Pre Seasoned

Easy to Clean

Oven Safe

Dishwasher Safe


Brand:General Store


The cast iron cookware can help you to make healthy food every day. It is pre-seasoned and gives you a natural; easy-release surface for each cooking. It improves with each use. Perfect for use at home on the electric stove; gas stove; induction cooker and also in the oven.

* Retains and distributes heat evenly
* Oven-safe
* Pre-seasoned and ready to use
* Hand wash only


Set Includes:

1 - 6 inch skillet

1 - 8 inch skillet

1 - 10 inch skillet


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