Kitchen Sink Countertop Organizer Multifunctional Cleaning Utensils-Dish Soap Dispenser Sponge Holder For Sink

Material: ABS
Sale price$48.78


3-in-1 Kitchen Storage Shelf: Liquid soap dispenser, Housekeeping Brushes, Wire balls 3-in-1 partition shelf, used in kitchen, barthroom.

High-Quality Materials, Super Durable: The bottom of the storage rack is made of PS transparent material and is integrally injection molded.

The soap dispenser uses white ABS material. High-quality materials are drop-resistant, non-rusting, easy to clean and maintain.

Liquid Soap Dispenser: simple white design, Max 400ml liquid capacity, the nozzle is integrally formed to avoid falling off.

Versatility: Comes with cleaning Brushes&Wire balls, the grid area can better arrange kitchen items.

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