Large Christmas Standing Balloon Santa Claus

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Ballon Size: as picture
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A large Christmas standing balloon Santa Claus is a decorative inflatable balloon designed in the shape of Santa Claus, commonly used as part of holiday decorations during the Christmas season. These inflatable Santa Claus figures are typically designed to stand upright and can be placed indoors or outdoors to add a festive touch to your Christmas decorations.

Inflatable Design: These decorations are made from durable materials, often PVC or nylon, and are designed to be inflated with air. They have a hollow interior, allowing them to be filled with air using a blower or pump.

Lifelike Santa Claus Appearance: The inflatable Santa Claus typically resembles the iconic image of Santa with his red suit, white beard, black boots, and hat. Some models may even include a sack of gifts or other accessories.

Occasion: Christmas

Occasion: Party

Shape Style: Strip

Material: Aluminium Foil


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