Large Food Storage Container 360 Rotating Rice Barrels Sealed Cereal Dispenser Rice Tank Grain Box Kitchen Storage Container

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The Cereal Storage Box has strong sealing and can prevent moisture and dust. 

6-Grid Rotating Grain Dispenser has a simple and elegant appearance. 

The key design is convenient to control and store whole grains such as rice, oat, mung bean, candy, and dry food.

Product Details:

Function: mildew proof
Material: plastic

Style details:
1. [Thickened ABS] Elegant White 7.2 catties - 1 (removable for cleaning)
2. [Thickened ABS] Luxury Green 7.2 catties-1 (removable for cleaning)
3. [Thickened ABS] Elegant White 20kg-1pcs (removable for cleaning)
4. [Thickened ABS] Light Luxury Green 20kg-1pcs (removable for cleaning)
5. [Thickened ABS] Light Fir Green 20 catties-1 (removable for cleaning)
6. [Thickened PP+PET] Elegant White 20kg-1pcs (non-removable)
7. [Thickened PP+PET] Light Luxury Green 20kg-1pcs (non-removable)
8. [Thickened PP+PET] Light Fir Green 20kg - 1 (non-removable)
9. [Thickened PP+PET] Elegant White 25kg-1pcs (non-removable)
10. [Thickened PP+PET] Light Luxury Green 25kg-1pcs (non-removable)
11. [Thickened PP+PET] Light Fir Green 25kg-1 (non-removable)
12. Thickened ABS group: elegant white 7.2 catties-2
13. Thickened ABS group: light luxury green 7.2 catties-2
14. Thickened ABS group: 2 elegant white 20kg (separate rice grains)
15. Thickened ABS group: 2 light luxury green 20kg (separate rice grains)
16. Thickened ABS group: 2 light fir green 20kg (separate rice grains)
17. Thickened PP+PET group: 2 20kg elegant white
18. Thickened PP+PET group: 20 jins of light luxury green
19. [Thickened PP+PET] 20 jins light fir green 2
20. Thickened PP+PET group: elegant white 20kg+25kg
21. Thickened PP+PET group: light luxury green 20kg+25kg
22. Thickened PP+PET group: light fir green 20kg+25kg
23. Thickened PP+PET group: 2 25kg elegant white
24. Thickened PP+PET group: 2 25kg light luxury green
25. Thickened PP+PET group: 2 25kg light fir green

Packing list:
Grain Storage Box*1pcs/2pcs

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