Lotus Spike Acupressure Yoga Mat

Color: 1pc Gray blue
Sale price$66.99



Size: 71cm*44cm
Mat: Coconut palm + Nature Linen
Pillow: Buckwheat + Nature Linen
Spike: ABS

1. Fosters body-wide relaxation and brings a feeling of calm to the mind.
2. Promotes restful sleep, allowing for powerful regeneration. Creates lasting feelings of joy, harmony, and peace. 

Natural Composition

We use 100% nature material to make COFOMAT ECO Mat Material: Coconut palm/Nature Linen Pillow Material: Buckwheat/Nature Linen Bag Material: Nature Linen

Material: Coconut palm+ Buckwheat+ Nature Linen+ ABS

Length: 71cm

Choice: yes

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