Mountaineering Folding Sports Bottle Outdoor Portable PE environmental Protection Water Bag Riding Plastic Water Cup Drinking Water Bag

Color: Black
capacity: 0.7L
Sale price$6.62


Product information

Environmental protection folding water bag
Reusable, foldable and easy to clean. Washability, portability,
Food grade material, non-toxic and harmless.
Name: Foldable water bag
Material: Ultra-durable BPA-Free polymer (plastic polymer with BPA-tee) safe, non-toxic new environmental protection material
Specification: 0.7L
Color; blue/white/black
Shape: The bottle can stand up/roll up/folded/flattened
Accessories: with original wide hanging buckle
Scope of use: outdoor sports, seaside vacation, leisure and fitness
Reminder: It can be stored in the refrigerator and will not be deformed or damaged by freezing. It can be used as an ice pack. Be careful to install hot water.

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