Outdoor Portable One Week Water Cup With Medicine Box

Color: Black 2pcs
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Product information:

Product Name: Creative Wrist Capsule Water Cup
Product material: cup body PC+ cup lid PP+ medicine box PP
Product specifications: 23x7.5x7.5cm (600ML)
Product packaging: color box packaging (24x8x8cm)
Product color: black, pink, yellow, blue, red

Precautions for the use of plastic cups:
1. Do not put this product in a microwave oven for heating.
2. After the carbonated drink is filled, if you shake the cup vigorously, the gas will easily expand. When opening the lid, be careful not to spill the drink into the cup.
3. In order to maintain the taste of tea, it is recommended to use 85ᄚC boiling water. If you order tea with 100 boiled water, let it stand for 3 minutes and then close the lid.
4. When the water is warm, the temperature of the cup may be higher, please handle it carefully.
5. When going out and carrying, be sure to buckle the safety buckle of the upper and lower cover to prevent liquid from dripping.
6. Be careful and slow when opening and closing the insurance buckle, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the product due to excessive force.
7. Do not touch or close to the fire source to avoid melting and deformation.
8. Do not scrub with a brush or hard object, soft sponge or cloth to avoid scratches; clean with detergent and water.
9. Do not pour high-temperature, high-sugar, and high-fat foods into the container.
10. Do not use your nails to open the lid, so as not to damage your nails and scratch the product. When emptying the container, store the lid and container separately.

Packing list: Water cup*1/ Water cup*2

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