Portable cookware

Color: Green black
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  • specification:
    Small cup pot size: 122x105mm (bottom diameter * height)
    Small cup size: 115x60mm (bottom diameter * height)

    Stainless steel spoon specification: 160*40mm

    Stainless steel table knife specifications: 165*12mm

    Stainless steel fork specifications: 160*12mm

    Burner specifications: 40x55x80mm (hard plastic box packaging, smaller than cigarette boxes)

    Small bowl: diameter 11CM / height 4CM

    Bamboo shovel: 1 13*5cm

    Plastic spoon: 1 length 16cm, diameter 7.8cm, depth 2cm

    Cleaning ball: 1

    Lock: 1 7*8.1cm

    Material: The cookware set adopts imported high-grade hard aluminum alumina material, and the thickness of aluminum material: 0.7MM

    Stainless steel fork spoon 410 stainless steel, handle 201 stainless steel

    High-definition strength aluminum alloy burner

    Features: high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and comfortable hand feeling. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Packing color box size: 12.7*12.5*17cm

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