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Color: Blue
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Product parameters
Type; Silicone Cake Mould
Temperature: -40 ~ 230 degrees Celsius
Certificate: FDA / LFGB
Material: Silicone
Hardness: 40 ~ 60
Size: DIA24 * 10.5cm
Weight: 170g
Shipping color: any color
Silicone mold product features:
1. The main ingredient of Silicone Silicone is silica gel, a natural ingredient found in sand, stone and crystals. Not Rubber Rubber, nor Plastic Plastic! Silicone is a stone on the beach, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.
2. Silicone has high flexibility, anti-corrosion, suitable temperature, suitable for cooking, baking, and simple and practical.
3. Through testing, sanitation and health, natural antibacterial, can prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, there are a lot of silicone products in infant supplies and medical supplies. Such as: nipple, silicone shaping, etc.
4. Recyclable, durable and low energy consumption.
5. With stable structural mechanical properties, it has extreme temperature resistance and a wide temperature range. The minimum temperature resistance is minus 40 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is 230 degrees, evenly heated and frozen.
6. It has corrosion resistance to cleaning agents and other kinds of corrosive substances and is easy to clean.
7. After use, any raw materials will not stick to the mold.

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