Volcanic Stone Bracelet for Men

Metal Color: A
Length: S-17cm
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Volcanic Stone Bracelet for Men Lava Wooden 8mm Beads Bracelet Tibetan Buddha Wrist Chain Women Men's Jewelry Gift New Bracelets

Material: Natural Stone

Size: About 165-215mm,you can leave message for your sizes

Quality: 100% Brand New High Quality

Order more than 10pcs, Discount 5% off

A volcanic stone bracelet for men is a unique and stylish accessory that incorporates natural volcanic stones, also known as lava stones, into its design. These bracelets are known for their distinctive appearance and potential therapeutic benefits. Here's a description of a volcanic stone bracelet for men:

Lava Stones: The primary feature of a volcanic stone bracelet is the use of lava stones. These stones are typically black or dark gray and have a porous and irregular surface, giving them a rugged and natural appearance. Lava stones are known for their connection to the earth and are believed to have grounding and calming properties.

Bead Size and Shape: Lava stone beads used in these bracelets come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from small, smooth beads to larger, more irregular ones. The choice of bead size and shape can affect the overall style and aesthetic of the bracelet.

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